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Cat pregnancy calendar & calculator

We are inviting to checking this cat pregnancy calendar. You can independently calculate when your kittens are expected. The average length of cat pregnancy is ca 65 days. But Mother Nature has got sometimes different plans. Four days difference is not unusual. So the whole cat pregnancy period may be between 61 to 70 days. If you know the date of mating your female cat, then it is easy to calculate the expected date of birth.
Dates of vaccinations of kittens and the date of leaving the family house by them have been established according to the principles applicable in our cattery. We hope that it can be helpful in the future. (= '..' =)

Cat pregnancy calendar & calculator. You can independently calculate the date of the birth of kittens.

1. Choose your mating date

2.  See the dates associated with the childbearing.

     3. See dates concerning of kittens

21 days pregnancy: enlarged and pink nipples
50 days: first perceptible movements of kittens
65 days: expected date of childbirth
8 weeks: first vaccination of kittens
12 weeks: second vaccination of kittens
14 weeks: kittens can leave the cattery
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